Dive into the world of our exceptional aluminum art: CNC-cut, meticulously handcrafted, powder-coated, and crowned with a superior indoor finish. Only here will you find such an amalgamation of quality, design prowess, and unparalleled customer service. 

THE ART OF MORALE: Frontline's Mark of Excellence

"Art, like morality, demands boundaries."

At Frontline, we don't just understand art – we breathe life into it. Our artistry brings forth bold, tangible symbols that inspire and invigorate your team. We merge the exactness of laser-cut metal with nature-inspired textures, infusing vivid colors with muted elegance, and top it with a glaze that adds tangible depth. With Frontline, what you see is just the beginning – touching is where the magic truly lies.


Illuminate the dedication and hard work of your team with our luminous signs. Frontline's adept design maestros handle projects of grandeur up to 60" x 120", with potential for layered extensions for grander visions.


Our exclusive technique results in showcase-worthy artworks for every special occasion.


MISSION: Crafting Excellence

Frontline Metal stands as the epitome of metal artistry in America. Founded by the compassionate Ashley Moyer – a mother, former Trauma ICU Nurse, and a U.S. Naval Reserve Critical Care Nurse Veteran – our roots are deeply embedded in admiration for Military Personnel, Veterans, and First Responders. They guide our commitment to producing unparalleled metal art.


What started as an amalgamation of national pride and rustic elegance – with a focus on patriotic themes and top-tier office adornments 

– Frontline has blossomed into a hub for businesses, governmental entities, and global corporations, all seeking majestic metal installations that echo their values.

UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE: The Frontline Difference

Frontline isn’t just a brand; it’s a luxury experience. We dare to merge high-end design with functionality. Our designers, with an acumen for impactful creations within budgetary constraints, ensure each project's perfection. Our process churns out unmatched masterpieces, blending innovative design with impeccable craftsmanship. We guarantee nothing short of American-made perfection with every piece.

BEYOND ORDINARY: Impressions That Last

It's the brilliance of color, the allure of deep blacks, the shimmer, and the tangible metal textures that make Frontline's products unparalleled. These, combined with the resilience of metal, not only captivate at first sight but also etch everlasting memories. From desk-sized artifacts to monumental lobby pieces, trust Frontline to elevate any space.

Tribute to the Brave

Some of the most remarkable traits of Frontline’s products are the vividcolors, deep blacks, glimmering finishes, and gleaming metal textures.

The combination of these unique properties — combined with the unrivaled durability of metal — makes an immediate strong impression that leaves lasting memories.

There is simply no way to fully duplicate these qualities into any other medium. Add the precision of our imaging technology, and you have the ability to scale these beautiful objects to fit on your desk, or fit on your lobby walls.

We’ve worked closely with dozens of Federal, State, and Local governments as well as multinational corporations who chose Frontline for our striking metal artwork that’s the result of years of R&D to deliver our wonderful products to you.

Our thousands of satisfied customers are also proof of the practically limitless appeal and popularity of our fine metalworks.

Let our awesome team show you how great we can make you look!

Celebrating the Warrior Spirit

Honoring Those Who Answer the Call of Duty

Blessed Are the Peacekeepers

Civilization itself relies upon those who defend peace and safety — sometimes with their lives.

We get it because we have either served among those like you, or know someone who has. It takes a special type of selfless courage to give your life in defense of others.

Frontline Metal is committed to honor the service of our sisters and brothers in the armed forces and law enforcement who are the thin line between barbarism and civilization.

Thank you.

Show Your True Colors

Let Your Brilliance Shine

Don't Be Shy

Make a statement.

Make an impact.

Whatever you do, make a difference

You spend half your waking life at work, so live a little and have some fun with it!

Whether you're in the office, or work from home, make a splash with vivid colors combined with deep opaque black for contrast.

Add a custom hand-tooled texture and varnish for a glossy finish, and you have a truly fantastic work of unique metal art!

We have expert designers who can turn even ordinary images into extraordinary statement pieces.

Let our friendly staff help you to enliven your surroundings.